Rafael Nadal: ´Roger Federer and I Respect Each Other A Lot, but We Are Not Friends´

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Rafael Nadal: ´Roger Federer and I Respect Each Other A Lot, but We Are Not Friends´

Rafael Nadal started his Basel campaign with a win, against Italian Simone Bolelli in convincing fashion (check the result here). Still struggling with pain caused by his appendicitis, the World No.3 will try his best to win as many matches as possible before finishing the year and undertaking a surgery to see off yet another physical problem in his unlucky 2014 season of tennis.

The Spaniard talked about Davis Cup and its importance, considering how now his eternal rival Roger Federer is on the verge of possibly winning his first Davis Cup title, playing with Switzerland against France in Lille right after the ATP World Tour Finals in London.

"In the past I don"t think Davis Cup mattered a lot to Roger, otherwise he would have played more often. I don"t personally know if it has become a priority to him, but it seems it would be the case. I don"t know how important it is to win the Davis Cup now, considering how the best players didn"t play.

To me, Davis Cup has lost the value it used to have before" said Rafael to the media in Switzerland. As Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are the top seeds in Basel, many root for a chance to see the two rivals competing against one another once again, before file the 2014 season as a passed one and hope for another face-off in the 2015 season.

It would be the 34th meeting between the two legendary rivals, who together managed to win a total of 31 Slams in 12 seasons of tennis, an impressive average of 2.5 per year, a rivalry that brought tennis back on all the front pages of the most important newspapers worldwide, in a tireless need of seeing the two competing for another title yet again.