Toni: ´Novak Djokovic a Better Player Than Rafael Nadal´. And Federer?

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Toni: ´Novak Djokovic a Better Player Than Rafael Nadal´. And Federer?

Toni Nadal always speaks his mind, with no barriers and very much careless of the consequences. It has always been the case, it will be the case until Rafael Nadal , his nephew and protege, will fly with him around the world to compete in tennis.

It is no surprise then that the most surprising quote of the week comes right from Toni"s mouth. It is surprising, unexpected, because for once it speaks against Rafa, in a tentative of talking more objectively about tennis.

The objective side of Toni speaks saying that: "Rafael has won more titles than Novak Djokovic, but speaking merely about tennis and about the game, Rafa has to be considered slightly lower than Djokovic. The Serb is such a good player that he is as close as you can get to Roger Federer".

According to Toni, Nadal has won more titles, but Djokovic is a better player, but not the best. The GOAT, the greatest, according to uncle Toni is always him: Roger Federer. "With all the titles he has won, there is no doubt that Federer is the greatest".

Toni spoke his mind on a local radio show in Spain, all while Rafael Nadal is currently healing from a back injury, an appendicitis surgery and the oddments of a wrist injury. What would Rafa have to say about it? Was Toni just trying to push his protege to instill some extra motivation for Rafael to come back even stronger in 2015? We think so...

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