Rafael Nadal: ´I Don´t Fear the Day of My Retirement´!

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Rafael Nadal: ´I Don´t Fear the Day of My Retirement´!
Rafael Nadal: ´I Don´t Fear the Day of My Retirement´! (Provided by Tennis World USA)

When Bjorn Borg decided to hang the racquet to the hook and dedicate himself to life outside of a tennis court at 26 years of age the tennis community was shocked and taken back. One of the most prominent talents ever seen in the sport giving up on possibly his best years of tennis? Yes, Bjorn did it.

It happened and it may happen again. Even though now tennis has increasingly become a platform for evergreen revenge, taking a look at Roger Federer and Serena and Venus Williams and the rest of the field, physical tennis still bothers bodies sooner, it wears out youngsters bodies.

That"s the case of Rafael Nadal. At 28 years of age and 14 Grand Slam titles, the Spaniard has already put up a list of injuries that could easily fill in a short book. Ankle, knee, back, wrist, foot, really, Rafa had it all! And his body is getting tired, more tired than the ones of Djokovic or Murray who have Nadal"s same age, more tired for sure than the new upcoming generation of tennis big servers and big guys.

Rafael"s recent words, captured on Marca.Com started to seriously worry the Spanish press. "I am well aware that all of this has an expiration date, like everything else" said Rafael with calm maturity. But Borg"s comparison bell immediately rang.

"Bjorn Borg has been one of the greatest in our sport and his presence on the stands still has a very strong impact on the tennis community each time he comes to watch us playing, but his life continues on a very smooth and quiet way.

My life hasn"t just been made of tennis. It has been a major part but I have been, are and will be happy also outside of a tennis court. I am a sports fans and I know how great it is to compete in the best stages of the world. It is something I am going to lose, but I can live without fame" continued Rafael.

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