Rafael Nadal: His secret is finally revealed!


Rafael Nadal: His secret is finally revealed!

The Spanish newspaper Marca has revealed one of Rafael Nadal's secrets.He drinks seawater to avoid dehydration, and to have a fast recovery from playing in hot or humid conditions! Nadal experienced these conditions in the second round of the Australian Open.

Heat and humidity caused him dizziness and cramps, in addition to the loss of fluids and nutrients. The substances present in sea-water really help the Spanish champion. The Laboratory of Quinton in Alicante has created a product, containing micro-filtering and purifying sea-water in order to keep the 78 minerals that the body needs.

Studies conducted by the experts of the University of Alicante and of the Catholic University of Murcia, have shown that this product has '100% immediate efficiency', when athletes are playing under conditions previously described.

In addition, the regular consumpion improves physical performance, increases state of concentration and also improves intracellular rehydration. Usually in Miami there are is a high percentage of humidity. Will Rafa bring with him a bottle of sea water? ALSO READ Roger Federer: ´In 2006, I felt like in Pac-Man; a player who could not lose!´ Pete Sampras: ´The numbers say Roger Federer is the best tennis player ever´

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