Rafael Nadal: ´I Hurt My Ankle Yesterday. I Am Tired´

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Rafael Nadal: ´I Hurt My Ankle Yesterday. I Am Tired´

He is the most awaited player for the Spanish crowd. The national hero trying to defend his home title one year after. Considering how Novak Djokovic is not even competing in Madrid this year, we can say that Rafael Nadal can be considered the favorite to win the title.

The 9-time French Open champion met with the press for the first time since arriving in Madrid for the Mutua Madrid Open, and he looked confident enough on his chances of grabbing the title again. After trying with a new racket the Babolat Aero ProDrive 2016, Nadal has decided to go back to the old kind.

"I decided to get back to my previous racket, because it gives me more control and makes me feel serene". "I have been using this old type of racket for years now, whereas I only had few days before Monte Carlo to practice with the newer version.

Because of that I will use my old racket model for the rest of the season and get back to the newer version in the off-season. I understand here we are playing on height, so I know it is harder to have good control".

Nadal also talked about the fact that Novak Djokovic won't be competing in the tournament. "When a player like Djokovic doesn't play a tournament, there is obviously an open door. There is the chance to win an important event.

That said, it doesn't mean that each and every time Novak plays there are no chances for the others, I mean he can't win every tournament he enters. Speaking of me, I can only find confidence with victories".