Rafael Nadal Is Not Sure He Can Still Win Another Grand Slam Title

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Rafael Nadal Is Not Sure He Can Still Win Another Grand Slam Title
Rafael Nadal Is Not Sure He Can Still Win Another Grand Slam Title

Former world number one Rafael Nadal has said that he still has the potential to win a Grand Slam but he is not sure if he would be actually able to do that. Nadal said in an interview with Sky Sports "I don't know if I can win another Grand Slam.

I believe yes. I don't know if I'm going to do it ... but I can do it." The Spaniard is having the worst season since 2004, failing to win any Grand Slam and Masters event so far. His ranking is down to number seven and he is fighting for a spot in season ending championships.

Nadal added, "I'm going to work hard to create more opportunities in the next couple of years, so let's see if I'm able to relax, to control my emotions again, and if that happens, and I believe it will happen soon because I feel much better, I'm going to find my level of tennis." The 29-year-old was hampered by three different injuries last year but he has been physically quite fit almos the entire duration of this season.

Earlier this year, he revealed that he was having some mental issues but the Spaniard has said that he has even got rid of that now. "Now I feel much better - added Nadal - Not 100 percent fit, but much better. Close to being 100 percent fit and I am enjoying it again.

I'm enjoying being on the tennis court, enjoying practicing and enjoying the competition because I don't have anxiety anymore.” The 14-time Grand Slam champion will now take part in the Asian swing, playing in Beijing and Shanghai.

He has still got a chance to gain some valuable points if he can perform consistently in rest of the season. Also Read: Rafael Nadal: 'I'll Know When The Day of Farewell Arrives. Federer is Probably the Best Player Ever"

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