Rafael Nadal: ´This year I´ve fought against myself. I work to win Slams, but I´m not Federer´

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Rafael Nadal: ´This year I´ve fought against myself. I work to win Slams, but I´m not Federer´

In a fantastic interview to GM Magazine, Rafael Nadal has spoken about the problems he had had in 2015, about criticisms that came his way and on other subjects, showing himself to be humble. "Are Toni and me one person? No no no.

My team members are all independent, everyone does what they believe. We've not done a great work as a team. The coach and fitness trainer haven't worked together. We are a team, I believe in them and the element needed to have a connection is me.

Changing a coach? I don't think that's the solution. You can think that a new team brings new things, but I feel comfortable with my team. Finding a new team is an easy excuse, I'm the problem and I've got to find the solution." "This year, I was working but results weren't arriving because I was struggling against myself, I didn't have the control I had in previous years. In the last weeks, I came back to compete against rivals and that means much more.

You can't lose time when you struggle with yourself. In the matches, you've to face who is in front of you.' Rafa was also asked about the importance of having professional rivals, to which he answered: "Rivals push you to improve, but every player pushes himself to improve because details can make a difference.

Especially in tennis where the matches are decided by three-four balls. Ending the year well helps me, it brings positive energy. Am I happy about how things are going now? Yes. Am I satisfed? No I'm not, I've to improve and work more.' He then spoke about the criticisms and said that they don't affect him: "Am I finished? I already have heard this phrase, I understand it perfectly.

When, for a certain period, you don't respect your standards, it's logical that people start to think: "He's finished." But this not the end. It's from a long time that I have decided to keep fighting and to have the enthusiasm to compete, it motivates me.

I think I'm a person, who's accepted things and difficult moments. You've to be self-critical and be humble. I never considered myself to be special. Obviously I'm not so stupid to not know what I have done and what I have realized, I don't want to give the idea of false humility because I know how difficult it is.

All my life, if I've realized goals it is because I've kept working. 'I don’t know if I can go back to winning Grand Slams. It will be harder to create opportunities, to compete in the best tournaments but I’m working so hard to make it happen.

It’s always hard to have the best season possible. But then, I’m no. 5 in the world, so. 'Is my serve not so good? It's complicated to have everything, anyone who says that my serve is not up to my game is right, but I've motivation to improve.

From 2005 to now my serve's changed and improved, but I wasn't satisfied with what I had.' In Manila, Rafa also spoke about IPTL: 'For me, it’s perfect preparation for next year. A format like this makes the matches so interesting.

It’s so quick and I really had a good time. I'll play IPTL next year also.' IN THE NEXT PAGE NADAL SPEAKS ABOUT DJOKOVIC AND FEDERER ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: ´Toni helped me to overcome difficult moments. I´m going to open a school in Philippines´