David Ferrer: ´Nadal? You don´t need to bury him in advance, he can win Roland Garros´

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David Ferrer: ´Nadal? You don´t need to bury him in advance, he can win Roland Garros´

Interviewed by El Partido de Las 12, David Ferrer has spoken positively about Rafael Nadal, saying that he is not finished yet. 'He is not done yet. There isn't any need to bury him in advance, especially when he's No.

5 in the world. OK, it was a tough blow because he lost in the first round, but it's also true that when you have to face a player like Verdasco and he is in a fantastic day...it can be a very tough match. Rafa was coming from playing very well, I had seen him in very good form.

I played against him in Abu Dhabi and in Doha he also did a good tournament... and well it can happen. In the first rounds there are more nerves than usual, but I have no doubt Rafa will be at the top. In addition, Rafa's had a very good off-season and physically I have seen him very fit.' Asked if he would include Rafa between the first three players with more chances to win Roland Garros, he said: 'Of course! How could you not? His game suits better to clay and he has more time there.

Tennis has evolved and players are 10 cm taller and hit the ball harder, but on clay you still have the small margin'. Last time Nadal won a Grand Slam title was Roland Garros 2014. From then only two quarter-finals, at the Australian Open and Roland Garros.

Last year for the first time in a whole season he didn't win a Grand Slam nor a Masters 1000 title. About the World No. 1 Novak Djokovic, he said: 'He is playing at a very high level. Only Murray and Federer, if they are very fit, can bring him some problems'. Story by Cope.es ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: ´I am not anxious about winning a Slam. Retirement? My time hasn´t come yet´