Toni Nadal: ´We will play Wimbledon only if we are 100% healthy´

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Toni Nadal: ´We will play Wimbledon only if we are 100% healthy´

Before Barbadillo, now Toni Nadal. Team Nadal breaks the silence in less than 24 hours, after that for 10 days in a row no one had released any statement or declaration.

Rafa's coach and uncle met the journalists for the Presentation of the Academy that officially opened on June 1. The main topic has been the left wrist injury that forced Rafa to withdraw from Roland Garros and Queen's.

No risks and Olympics as priority, said Toni: 'He is going through a recovery process, a rest process, we are in line with what we planned.' 'There isn't any date of comeback at the moment. The goal is to arrive in the best shape at the Games of Rio, we do not want to risk his partecipation.

Right now I cannot say if we will play Wimbledon or no. It's obvious that if we play there we will do it without the best preparation, but we can play some exhibitions that give you some match-rhythm.' 'The priority is to recover totally because if we play with some pain it can happen what happened in Paris, that's what doctors say.' Quotes recognized by Mallorca Esports. ALSO READ: Barbadillo: ´Everything is going as planned´.

But is Wimbledon in doubt? .