Nadal´s mother: ´If he did not have passion, Rafa would have already stopped playing´

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Nadal´s mother: ´If he did not have passion, Rafa would have already stopped playing´

In an interview to ABC, Ana Maria Parera, Rafael Nadal’s mother shared about her son’s goals while growing up and how’s gone to achieve all of them, steadily, one-after-another. When Nadal took up tennis at the age of three, all he wanted to do was to win matches, be the world’s best player and be the champion at Wimbledon.

At the same time, he also wanted to enjoy the sport. Now that he’s achieved all that he wanted to, Nadal wants to give this chance to kids through the Rafa Nadal Tour, a tennis circuit specially initiated for youngsters that has around 2,300 enrolments, and his foundation.

'At the beginning Rafa had a plan to work with kids. He wanted to give this opportunity to those kids, who could not have it. We decided that the best way to share values was by doing it through sport. It’s a reality that not everyone is able to reach the top, so you have to be aware that you have to study, develop a culture and values and especially enjoy sport with others.

We work with kids and parents, who are the first to understand that winning is not the priority. Coaches are here to work, but everything starts from family,' Ms. Parera shared. Ms. Parera also talked about Nadal’s preparation for the Rio Olympics and mentioned, 'He is practicing very well.

He was lucky enough to be flag bearer. It's something wonderful for him. If he did not have passion to play, practice and compete, would not do it.' IN THE NEXT PAGE: MIREIA BELMONTE TALKS ABOUT NADAL BEING FLAGBEARER ALSO READ: David Ferrer: ´Rafael Nadal will win Gold Medal at the Olympics´