Rafael Nadal: 'This could be my last participation at the Olympics'

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Rafael Nadal: 'This could be my last participation at the Olympics'

You can feel Rafael Nadal's joy to play at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Participating at the competition actually meant so much to him mentally, especially because he may never have another chance to be in this event in the future.

'This is an event you only play once every four years so that makes the emotions even higher - Nadal said - I am enjoying on court and at the same time there is no too much pressure on me. After two months of not competing I don't expect much.

I just expect to enjoy the Olympic experience again and that’s what I am doing.' 'You never know if this will be the last edition of the Olympics for me, hopefully not. But it's a possibility', he said explaining why he has decided to play singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Analyzing the win against Andreas Seppi by 6-3 6-3, he mentioned: 'It wasn't an easy match, I played well making fewer unforced errors in the first set.

In the second one the match has been more balanced and harder.' Once again Rafa criticized the organization that made him play with the lights when in Rio it was 3:00 PM Local time: 'I do not understand why lights are on, in the day session I never played with lights on.

At night it does not bother me but the lights are in evidence when it's sunny and I do not understand why they do it.' He finally criticized the event schedule, on Wednesday he will play singles, doubles and mixed: 'It will be a very hard day.

I don't understand why men's doubles draw has to be finished on Friday in contrary of Saturday. Who makes the schedule needs to understand that we are here to give our best because this is an unique event.' ALSO READ: OLYMPICS - MIXED DRAW: Nadal/Muguruza to face Stepanek/Hradecka, there is V. Williams too