Could Rafael Nadal be the Star of the Second Half of the 2016 Season?

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Could Rafael Nadal be the Star of the Second Half of the 2016 Season?

The return of Rafael Nadal after more than two months of absence due to the injury to his wrist suffered at Roland Garros, could not have been better. The Spaniard has won the final of the men's doubles with Marc Lopez and is in the semi-finals of the men's singles in Rio, with a serious chance of getting a second medal.

But what should reassure his fans and Nadal himself more is the fact that the level of tennis he's displayed in Rio has been more than good. This, despite Nadal not having played against some top players. But there's more too.

The absence of Roger Federer, who has withdrawn for the rest of the season to resolve his physical problems and the current poor form of Novak Djokovic between Wimbledon and Rio are also carrying aloft Nadal’s chances.

Obviously, there is also Andy Murray, who is currently playing near-perfectly and right now, is above all others, even Djokovic, but we are pretty sure that the Serbian player will return in great condition for the US Open and for the final part of the season.

However Nadal will have to be good in exploiting his chances during this bad run of Djokovic and of the absence of Federer in order to compete both with the world no. 1 and against Andy Murray and come back as one of the main protagonists of the ATP circuit as he hasn’t been for a long time.

The hope is that with Nadal's return, and Del Potro’s return, and a last wonder-season of Federer (I know we are asking for a miracle, but who know can say), in 2017, tennis coul be a year full of surprises and magic.

But it's one step at a time. Rafael Nadal has been playing competitively and this can only be good for the whole world of tennis. For now, do answer our survey on whether Rafael Nadal can be the player to watch out for the rest of this season Also Read Players, who have made History in American Tournaments!