Rafael Nadal: 'I wasn't allowed to change shorts while Nishikori had a 12 minute toilet break'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I wasn't allowed to change shorts while Nishikori had a 12 minute toilet break'

Rafael Nadal did not accept Kei Nishikori's behaviour between the end of the second set and the beginning of the third one. The Japonese player had a 12 minute toilet-break, an unsportmanship move according to Rafa to break his favourable momentum.

'It's not the moment to speak about it but when you comeback from 2-5 down with double break, you win the set and your opponent stays at the bathroom for 12 minutes, it's logical you are not okay with it. In Rio de Janeiro they did not allow me to change shorts that I had put around the reserve way', Nadal said referring to what happened in the ATP 250 Event on February 2015 when Bernardes, who umpire today's match, gave him a warning that created many polemics.

Anyway Rafa gave credit to his opponent: 'It did not happen anything, Nishikori played better than me. I am happy for how I played, I am satisfied for how these Games went.'

Despite it was a very demanding week for him, Rafa booked a private jet to Cincinnati that will share with Andy Murray: 'It has been a very tough week that costed me so much, I am very tired - Nadal mentioned - I spent very much energy, I did what I could do, I gave everything overcoming the limits as well, but there was nothing to do.'

'The wrist is not perfect.

It bothers me when I hit the forehand. The serve, the backhand – nothing else bothers me. The truth is, when I hit the forehand, I feel it bothering me a little bit, but without a doubt it’s been a positive week in all aspects.

I’ve played for many hours and the wrist at least didn’t get worse.'

On why he will play Cincinnati, Nadal said: 'From now to the end of the year my qualification for the Masters is in play. Before I was in a good position, now not so much.

My goal is to be in the first eight', mentioned Nadal, who is currently eighth in the ATP Race.

He was finally asked if he will play Olympics in Tokyo 2020: 'I hope to be there, but we have to be realistic. My career can already be considered long, I have been a professional player since I am 14.

My goal is to keep going, but the priority is being healthy. When I don't have physical issues, apart last year when I suffered anxiety issues, I play at my best. I hope to play in Tokyo, but I don't know even what happens tomorrow', finally said Rafa, making intend that from now to four years many things can happen.

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