Rafael Nadal: 'I can win a Grand Slam, I feel competitive. This year I've been unlucky'

Tennis - The Spaniard feels he has the right motivation to be at the highest level again

by Luigi Gatto
Rafael Nadal: 'I can win a Grand Slam, I feel competitive. This year I've been unlucky'

Rafael Nadal knows he is not at his best physically after his Olympic marathon, but he is ready to give continuity to his results, starting with Cincinnati this week where he will play his first match against Pablo Cuevas, on Wednesday.

'I've not had my best chances. Last week, I played 23 hours and my body is a little bit tired, but I will try to give my best, to practice well and to play at the best level I can,' said Nadal, who then continued to talk about his experience of playing, and winning, in Rio.

'It has been an unique and unforgettable experience. I played great in singles and doubles. The gold medal has been amazing, winning it is special but do it with your best friend is even more special. I had similar feelings to the singles victories I got [in the past].'

Talking about the condition of his wrist before the Olympics, Nadal specified, 'In Mallorca for five or six weeks, I could not do anything, then I started to move it a little bit.

It was not an easy injury, I tried to accelerate the process a little bit, it still bothers me a little bit, but at the Olympics the wrist resisted and so that's a great news for me. Today most tournaments are played on fast courts, hard courts, you push your body at the limit and so you've to accept the injuries.'

Finally when asked about his chances of winning another Slam, Nadal noted, 'This year I knew I had my chances in the Slams, I got injured, I was unlucky but I feel competitive and with the right motivation, I have better feelings than last year.

Now the most important thing is to enjoy and be happy, and I am confident I can win a Grand Slam title in the future.' ALSO READ: Conchita Martinez: 'Nishikori was in the toilet for 12 mins because he had a shower'

Rafael Nadal