Nadal: 'Very important victory'. Murray: 'I have shoulder issues'

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Nadal: 'Very important victory'. Murray: 'I have shoulder issues'

Rafael Nadal comebacks to the ATP Tour with a win, against Pablo Cuevas by 6-1 7-6(4). The Spaniard player made several unforced errors in the second set, but he is 'very happy' with his performance. 'I think I played well', Nadal said. 'I think I played a good match against a tough opponent in the first round for me for sure.

After coming from Rio and after the marathon that I had, it's a very important victory for me.' Rafa admitted how the consistent support from his team, that has always been the same since the beginning of his career, is important to play well on court and feel confident: 'Well, I always had a team spirit. I always enjoyed playing more for a team than just myself.

Even the same when I was a kid playing football. So always with my team I always had a great relationship. When we are on court it's normal you have the feeling with them.' Andy Murray keeps winning but all the matches played are influencing him a little bit physically.

Up 4-3 in the first set, he called the trainer due to a shoulder issue. Murray thinks the problem is caused by different tennis balls. 'That's something that's not easy for tennis players - Murray said after his straight sets win over Juan Monaco - You have to be careful with that, because it totally changes how it feels on the racquet.

Obviously that would change how it feels through your body as well. Obviously on the serve, the shoulder feels it quite a lot. Some guys get problems with their wrist with ball changes. For me sometimes it's my shoulder. Hopefully that gets better as the week goes on.' 'For us it changes all the time - he said about the balls - We play Wilson US Open - Aussie Open balls in Rio.

Here is Penn. Next week is Wilson US Open. It's not ideal.' Stan Wawrinka did not play very well but enough well to beat Jared Donaldson. It's a very important win for him in terms of ATP Race points: 'I really want to qualify for London - Wawrinka said referring to the ATP World Tour Finals - That's my main goal for the rest of the season.

I have to stay inside the top eight.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Is it still worth believing in him?