Toni Nadal: 'We are Training Well in New York'

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Toni Nadal: 'We are Training Well in New York'

Rafael Nadal´s first round match against Denis Istomin at the US Open on Monday is just a few hours away. It will be a very important tournament for Rafa to confirm the improvements he'd showed at the Olympics and to see how his wrist is replying to the toughness of the competition.

Interviewed by TennisTopic, Toni Nadal shared his thoughts on how Rafa's practice week had been in New York. ´Here, practice sessions went very well and after the hard effort in Rio where there was a transition from almost not practicing to practicing three hours every day things have stabilized now.

The wrist is better and in general everything is going well. Here we have practiced with very good players like Pablo Cuevas and David Goffin, and with everyone we have played very well. I think we are not very far away from our level.

Then of course, one needs to compete well. But we are not very far away, in Rio he played very well,´ specified Toni. Finishing fourth in singles, losing out on the bronze medal to Kei Nishikori, and the gold medal in doubles with Marc Lopez were surprising results, according to Toni.

This was because, Rafa had been hardly prepared. ´In Rio it was the same during the first days, we had many issues with this shot (forehand) because we were struggling to turn the wrist, so it was an unexpected result,´ explained Toni.

Toni finally said that playing matches on back-to-back days did not help at the Olympics and added, ´The organizers made us pay the consequences of playing on Sunday and of having no rest on Monday. There were people who played on Saturday and who played on Tuesday.´ Source: Tennis Topic Also Read Andy Murray Thoughts on Novak Djokovic's Sudden Dip in Form!