Rafael Nadal: 'I am CLEAN, I've never taken anything to improve my performance'

Tennis - The Spaniard was talking after his name was revealed in the latest data released by the Fancy Bears

by Luigi Gatto
Rafael Nadal: 'I am CLEAN, I've never taken anything to improve my performance'

After the Williams Sisters, Bethanie Mattek-Sands, Petra Kvitova, Rafael Nadal’s name was the next to be released by the Fancy Bears’, who revealed another set of hacked data. Nadal, who’d been injured in 2009 and 2012, had received TUEs (Therapeutic Use Exemptions) for two medications, betamethasone and corticotrophins.

He had received an intramuscular injection of betamethasone, one dose of 3mg, in 2009. In 2012, he’d received intramuscular injections of corticotrophins, thrice each day, from 30th July to 8th August, of 1mg each. Nadal had a valid medical certificate approved by the WADA doctor, Dr.

Stuart Miller. Responding to this information leak, Nadal affirmed that while he’d taken these medications, they were done so after having taken due permissions. ‘There are many things, which are banned substances, but when you ask permission and receive it, it stops being illegal.

I have never taken anything to improve my sporting performance. Simply, the doctors told me to take something to improve my knee,’ said Nadal. The world no. 4 has said many times that he wants his drug tests results to be made public and has gone on to maintain it would be better to do the same for TUEs.

'It is a private matter which does not need to be private. No need for a hacker to deliver it. It would be good for everyone. If every time you successfully do a doping test, [and] it’s announced and the results are published, it would finish all these discussions and all will be transparent,' he stated.

Aside of this revelation, Nadal also spoke about Spain’s win against India in the Davis Cup World Group play-off, last week. Already focused about playing in the World Group, Nadal observed, 'I think we have good chances to win Davis Cup, which we did not do in the previous years.

We have few chances than before, against India I was the youngest one and I am 30, but we have many players. Will I play in 2017? Yes, if I will be chosen.’

Then, in response to a question about Spain’s future tennis players, he commented, 'The youngest one is Pablo Carreno who is 26, he is not old but not even young.

In the last 25 years, we have had generations of champions, in the last years we dropped [the level] a little bit but there are several young players with good prospects. It will depend on how they're willing to improve and work day-after-day.' Finally, about his retirement, he said, 'I don't know when I will stop, at the moment I don't imagine that moment but when it will come, I will know it.

What motivates me? First of all I am a sports fan not only as player but as spectator too. What I do every day motivates me, until my body is in good shape and I will be motivated, I will continue.' Source: Tennis.as.com ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal to play an exhibition with former legends in Manacor next week!

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