Carlos Moya: 'Nadal didn't enjoy this year, but can be World No. 1 again'

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Carlos Moya: 'Nadal didn't enjoy this year, but can be World No. 1 again'

Carlos Moya knows Rafael Nadal well. They practice together sometimes in Manacor and have been good friends since Rafa was a kid. Asked by Onda Cero, if Nadal enjoyed playing tennis this year, Moya was doubtful, ´I think he will enjoy tennis for a few years, [but] he struggled to enjoy this year because the injury came in the worst moment where he was playing well.

It´s complicated to play with pain for years, and when you have physical issues you don´t enjoy. I think he can be world no. 1 again.´

This week Moya is at the ATP Finals accompanying world no. 4 Milos Raonic, who this year reached the Australian Open semi-finals and the Wimbledon final.

Carlos knew the has not fullfilled his potential yet. ´I was expecting a season like this. I´ve had a lot of faith in him and I thought he was a player who´s not very far from reaching his full potential. This year, he´s been very consistent, except for the stretch from September to October, but that is normal too.

Right now, he is no. 4 in the world and very close (65 points) to Stan Wawrinka for no. 3. That shows you how strong he´s been and the good year he´s had. Right now he is playing great tennis, as he´s demonstrated in Paris.

Hopefully he will hold up physically and everything will go well.´ ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal shaves his hair: is he having a treatment? (PICS INSIDE)