Rafael Nadal: 'I want to be world no. 1 again'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I want to be world no. 1 again'

If he had stopped believing in himself, probably Rafael Nadal would have already called it a career. But before retiring, the Spaniard wants to return to the top of the rankings again. Asked if he aimed to beat Andre Agassi's record of being the world no.

1 at the age of 33, Rafa did not hide he wanted to see everyone from the top and age didn't matter. 'I would not focus on this record, I am not necessarily interested in beating it. I have the enough passion for tennis in order to be No.

1,' he said to Spanish XL Semanal magazine. Speaking about how he started playing tennis at the age of four with his uncle Toni, Nadal said, 'He taught me to hit the ball strong. He told me, "First of all you have to be able to do it, then we will focus on how send the ball on the other side of the court.' Once after winning a junior event in South Africa, a welcome party was planned, but his uncle decided to cancel it and scheduled a training session at 9:00 AM the day after. Speaking about his uncle's decision, Nadal said, 'For him character has always been very important. When I forgot the water bottle home, he did not allow me to drink during the practice session.

His goal was to see me being regulated.' Federer and Nadal's rivalry brought out their contrasting styles of play. Did Nadal ever think of having a game like Federer's? 'Surely I would have liked to have some qualities that other players have and like the one Roger has too, obviously.

But you have to see talent from several points of view: you need to enter the court with the right attitude and with enough energy. Other players would like to have these abilities as well.' He only sets on short-term goals: 'I don’t worry about how I am going to win the French Open next year.

I think more in the short term: about my training tomorrow, what I want to achieve there. It is important to recognize the small successes. It is the small steps which bring you satisfaction at the end of the day.'
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