Rafael Nadal: 'In 2017 I want to win, but the younger players...'

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Rafael Nadal: 'In 2017 I want to win, but the younger players...'

The images of Rafael Nadal practicing with a total black racket without the brand obviously became very popular. After what Rafa said during an event organized in Madrid with his sponsor Tommy Hilfiger, it seems he used an HEAD Racket, but he tried it unsuccessfully as he is back to practice with a Babolat racket in the last days: 'You always do some tests, it can happen.

But I have anything to say on things that aren't under my control', said a mysterious Nadal, who didn't have a lot to say on a such delicate topic. His intention seems clear: Rafa wants to respect the 10-year contract with Babolat that expires in 2017, then you cannot exclude some eventual changes.

Speaking instead about how his preparation for the next season, the Spaniard player, who won't play the exhibition IPTL, which means being able to practice in Mallorca avoiding long travels and different time zones, reassured saying: 'I'm practicing much, I am in the middle of the pre-season and at the moment everything is going well.

I am willing to work and so far I manage to do it', added Rafa referring to his wrist issues. He is committed to play Abu Dhabi exhibition where he will play against Tomas Berdych in 29 December. Will he be there? 'Definitely there isn't anything sure in the life, but that's the plan.

Unless anything unexpected happens, I will play Abu Dhabi, Brisbane and Australian Open.' After Melbourne the calendar says that in theory he should play the first round Davis Cup World Group away from home on an indoor hard court against Croatia.

Nadal isn't sure he will be there: 'You never know how things can go. I have to see how I feel and how I am doing after this month and a half of preparation, then we will decide. In tennis you decide which tournaments play depending by how things go'.

Nadal clearly refers to his physical condition, which remains a question mark at least until when he will compete again for weeks in a row. That's why when asked if we will see the best Nadal in 2017, replied: 'I don't know.

Being happy and playing well to win. These ones are my two goals, nothing more. And I am working to do it.' His comment on the Davis Cup final won by Argentina could not miss: 'This win was built over the years with Vilas and Nalbandian', said Nadal, who won this competition four times.

'Now Del Potro, who showed to be one of the best players when he is injury-free, Delbonis who won the decisive rubber, Pella who won a very important match in the semifinals, did it. It's definitely a deserved win for a country that has a great tradition of tennis.' A 2017 season that seems to be more interesting than ever, between Fab Four, Next Generation and Del Potro himself: 'I don't know what will happen, I can't predict the future.

Murray had an amazing final part of the season but I suppose that players who didn't win a Slam so far, it means the younger players, want to do it. It's an Era of transition where two good generations combine together.

Mine won a lot, four players of almost the same age did so many great things. Now it comes a high level new generation that every year will be even more competitive and ready to fight for important things. When I speak about young players, I intend guys who are 19-20 years old.

In this new generation you will need to see how Kokkinakis will evolve, he suffered and injury and we don't know how he will comeback, but he has the potential to be at the top. Kyrgios is already at the top, a player who has an unbelievable potential.

He has focus on himself, can become World No. 1 and win a Grand Slam. To me the one that has more chances is Zverev, a complete player in every aspect of the game. I think he will be one of the strongest players.' IN THE SECOND PAGE READ THE SECOND PART OF NADAL'S INTERVIEW ALSO READ: Mats Wilander: 'Nadal and Federer won't be at their best level again'