Toni Nadal reveals who is the greatest player ever!

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Toni Nadal reveals who is the greatest player ever!

At 3:45 AM on Friday, Toni Nadal was interviewed by the Spanish website Marca to analyze the epic battle won by his nephew Rafa against Grigor Dimitrov. 'It was a tough match that Rafa played at a very high level both on the forehand and backhand side.

He moved well. Dimitrov plays a very elegant tennis, he played at a great level for the whole tournament and the end with a little bit of luck Rafa managed to win. Things are going well again. 'Last year we took the decision of not playing until Rafa felt fully fit again.

He has been playing injury-free for a while, which it wasn't happening since much time. It helped him to improve his game and his attitude.' The final against Roger Federer won't be easy as well. 'For you (journalists) it's a dream final, for me it's not like this.

When I dream a final, I imagine it as an easy one. It will be a beautiful between two rivals that have marked an era but still difficult. I'm confident that the day off can help him to go the extra mile. Both have 50% of chances to win.' Finally about Federer, he said, 'I saw him playing with a young attitude.

He played an unbelievable tournament and is in the final because he is playing at his best level. He is always there, never gives up. When he will call it a career, the greatest player in the tennis history won't be there anymore.

Looking at titles, he is the greatest at the moment.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: 'Three months ago, it was unthinkable for me and Federer to play this final'