Tiger Woods: 'Nadal's less time to recover made a difference against Federer'

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Tiger Woods: 'Nadal's less time to recover made a difference against Federer'

Who knows that the Australian Open final result would have been if Rafael Nadal had the same time as Roger Federer to recover before playing the final. The Spanish player had 24 hours less to prepare the last round of the tournament, and his mental and physical drop in the fifth set of the match against Federer was probably caused by it. Tiger Woods has some doubts about it too: 'I didn't speak to Roger,' Woods told Ten Golf.

'I sent a short message to Rafa, who was obviously disappointed. He played with all his heart and I think the day off made a difference. At these levels it means so much. Rafa was a little bit tired and that's what happened.

But in the Majors draws it works like this.' Woods also praised Federer. 'What Rog has done is he's been dominant for so long. To compete against (Novak Djokovic), to compete against Rafa, and now Andy (Murray) is playing well.

He's had a litany of guys who have won slams. And no one wins slams at his age. And for him to come back, after having to take that much time off, and for him to get the timing, that's the hardest part,' said the American golfer, who has not been winning a Major since 2008 US Open.

'As you get older, you change your game and you do things slightly differently, and he did that.' ALSO READ: Toni Nadal: 'We're happy, even if it doesn't happen often to have chances to win a Slam'