Grigor Dimitrov: 'The loss to Nadal hunts me down at night. I could have beat Federer too'

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Grigor Dimitrov: 'The loss to Nadal hunts me down at night. I could have beat Federer too'

The epic semifinal battle at the Australian Open lost to Rafael Nadal after five hours is still in Grigor Dimitrov's mind, despite it happened almost two weeks ago. 'Yeah, it hunts me down sometimes at night', Dimitrov said in press conference after the match won against Mischa Zverev. 'I'm not gonna lie, it was a painful match.

I've learned a lot from that match, I've watched it so many times on the replay and asked myself what else I could have done in these moments. Sometimes I text my coach in the middle of the night and I say: Listen, I am watching this match.

Do you think I could have done something better? He is like: go back to sleep, it's 3:00 AM. Then I go: Yeah, but I dream that I can hit that forehand inside out. Then I am looking at it the next morning and gosh I could have really hit it inside out.' Asked if he watched the final between Roger Federer and Nadal, he said: 'Yes, when I was on my way to comeback to Europe.

I congratulated with Roger after the match, it was incredible. The best thing that tennis could ever have, maybe one of the matches of the century: seeing how important was for both after many years was emotional.' The regrets for not being there in the final are there: 'I could have won the semifinals.

And I think I could have beaten Roger too.' Dimitrov has won 15 matches on 16 played this year so far: 'For the first time in my career I have won so many matches in a short period. I had to get used to it because three days ago I was playing the final in Sofia.

It's going very quick. The most important is to stay healthy and to do the right things.' ALSO READ: Kei Nishikori: 'I'm getting closer to Federer and Nadal's level'