Carlos Moya: 'Nadal is an extra-terrestrial, he did something unrepeatable'

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Carlos Moya: 'Nadal is an extra-terrestrial, he did something unrepeatable'

'It's something unrepeatable.' That's how Carlos Moya described Rafael Nadal's tenth title in Monte Carlo that he won after beating Albert Ramos 6-1, 6-3 in the final on Sunday. 'When I came on the Tour we had seen Borg's six Roland Garros or all the times that Sampras won in Wimbledon,' told El Espanol.

Moya, a former world no. 1 joined Nadal's team in December. 'There were abnormal things, but it overcomed everything. It's unbelievable and it will last for a long time. For many years you will speak about an extra-terrestrial who won ten times in Monte Carlo, nine in Barcelona and especially nine at the Roland Garros.' Asked who can be Nadal's main rival this year on clay, Moya was uncertain: 'It has been a little bit strange start of the year with the first two players in the world who can't play their best tennis,' he said about Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic.

'I don't know who can be Nadal's ultimate opponent on clay. This week he took a step forward to be one of the big favourites for Roland Garros, although it's still far away and you need to think step-by-step.

Now there is Barcelona, we have to be calm, even if the first week on clay was fantastic.' ALSO READ: ATP RANKINGS 24-04-2017: Nadal is World No. 5! Goffin is back into the top 10