Carlos Moya about Nadal's success: 'It's only his efforts'

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Carlos Moya about Nadal's success: 'It's only his efforts'

Carlos Moya spoke in an exclusive interview to El Espanol about his player Rafael Nadal and their co-operation so far. This year Rafa won three titles (Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Madrid) and lost three finals (Australian Open, Acapulco and Miami).

Asked what he learned from working with Nadal in these first six months, Moya replied: 'You always learn things. I am a less experienced coach, but last year with Raonic I learned much and this season with Nadal I am trying to keep doing it.

You learn day by day when you know the player more. Although I knew Rafa previously, now I am knowing in another way, more insider. The responsibility is bigger, especially emotionally. Being coach makes you being involved emotionally.' First of all good friend, then good coach.

Is it difficult to have these two roles at the same time? 'We are open and old enough. He is very respectful towards his team so we can speak to him being clear. Rafa accepts very well the things we say because he believes they make him improve.' Who is responsible for Nadal's success? 'The magic doesn't exist, it's only Nadal's efforts. He is open to change, he is humble enough to analyze what happened these two years and see because he wasn't competitive like before.

If the player doesn't allow himself to be have nothing to do.' 'I never had any doubt', added Moya. 'I know the issues Rafa had. It was very important to speak to him before joining the team.

When you speak to a great of all time and you see he is willing... In that moment I knew that if he was injuryfree and he wanted to achieve some good results, everything would have been easier. Triumphs give you the confidence you need.

Obviously, if you win it's much easier to make changes.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: 'I feel a special pressure in Paris, but it's something good'