Toni Nadal: 'Over the years there was mutual learning between me and Rafa'

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Toni Nadal: 'Over the years there was mutual learning between me and Rafa'

Toni Nadal was interviewed by El Mundo to speak about Roland Garros and his relationship with his nephew Rafa. About the match lost to Dominic Thiem in Rome, Toni said: 'A loss is never good, but it's better to lose her than in the Monte Carlo or Madrid quarter-finals. There was more a mental fatigue than a physical one, but I lost to Thiem, the Austrian lost to Djokovic who was beaten by Zverev. To me the favourites are, beyond Rafa, Djokovic and Thiem, who both lost (in Rome).'

Toni who will not work with Rafa at the end of the year After being next to him for a life time: 'There was a mutual learning. I learned from the player and his attorney. There is a very important emotional load, because I have been next to Rafa since the beginning. It's something rewarding and sometimes stressful.'

About Carlos Moya joining the team: 'I can say a thing to Rafael, but I have been with him since 15 years. If Carlos says it, he is more willing to listen at him. It breaks the monotony the fact that a different person says you something. We can practice differently. Carlos can enter the court, joins the sparring partner and you can hit with two people.'

Finally Toni commented on Novak Djokovic working with Andre Agassi. 'When you decide to make a change is because you want to be at the top. It's fundamental that the coach gets emotionally involved in the tennis player's life. Surely Djokovic's issue wasn't on court but off-court.'

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