Rafael Nadal eyes World No. 1 spot: 'If I keep playing well, why not?'

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Rafael Nadal eyes World No. 1 spot: 'If I keep playing well, why not?'

Rafael Nadal was very satisfied, proud and happy after beating Stan Wawrinka 6-2 6-3 6-1 to win his 15th Grand Slam and 10th Roland Garros title. 'I have been playing great during the whole event since the beginning', the Mallorcan player said in press conference.

'It has been a perfect Roland Garros for me. Have been magical all the things that happened in this tournament for me. So very happy for everything. Today was a very important day for me. Have been some tough moments last times, injuries, so it's great to have big success like this again.

But that's it. Happy because I have been working a lot to be where I am today.' At the beginning of the match today both players felt very nervous and hit many unforced errors. 'I don't think today was my best match', Nadal added.

'It wasn't even my best match at the French Open. I played well throughout the tournament; otherwise I would not have had the scores I got. Don't get me wrong. It was a good match. I think the sensations were a bit different compared to the other matches, because I think I was more nervous.

But I had better sensations when I played Basilashvili, for example. That's only for myself. I'm speaking only for my emotions and sensations. I guess if I watch the match on TV or video I may have a different opinion.' At what point during the match did you know today that you are going to win? 'With the 4-1 in the third, you know you are very close, no? Especially when I made that game 5-1, I say, Okay, probably I gonna win, no (smiling)? But before that, I have been very focused all the time without thinking about title or the trophy, you know.

I just think about the next point, you know. Been couple of times that I was close, like Australia 2012. Like this year in Australia that I finally lost. I know Wawrinka is a very dangerous opponent, so my mentality was there all the time thinking that I cannot give him the chance to be back on the match, because then he starts to hit so strong from the baseline, and he's able to produce amazing shots.

I was nervous at the beginning, had some bad games. Probably Stan was some nervous at the beginning, too. Then I saved a very important game and that was very beginning of the match. But sometimes these moments change everything.

And I saved that break point, that game with 1-All. Then the match starts to become a little bit more normal match.' You're No. 2 in the world right now. Is getting to No. 1 a big goal for you right now or are you looking more at taking it one match at a time? 'I am playing well.

I am in a good position. I just won the most important event of the year for me, so that's the only thing that matters today. Winning these kind of titles, then you have chances to become any number on the ranking. I don't know.

I am playing well. If I am able to keep playing well, why not?' In the last three years when you failed to win a slam, did you have any fears? Were you going through any doubts? Any apprehensions? Could you please talk about the emotional struggles and how you overcame that? 'I have been very honest with you all the time.

I have doubts every day. I think the doubts are good, because they give you the possibility to work with more intensity, with being more humble, and accepting that you need to keep working hard to improve things. So for sure I have doubts.

During that three years, I had doubts. Right now, I gonna have doubts even in a few days, because in tennis every week is a new story and that's part of the beautiful thing of our sport. Life is not that clear. So if you have no doubts probably is because you are too arrogant.

I don't consider myself arrogant at all. So I think the doubts or don't consider myself very, very good let me work so hard all my career. And for that reason, I am having the success that I had.' At what place do you rate this French Open win? 'This is gonna be one of the most special ones for the number, for what happened on the ceremony after the final, for so many things And because I am 31 already and not a kid anymore (smiling).

Because of the level of tennis and accepting that I have been in the problems, physical problems for the last period of time, that's an important one.' Nadal also admitted he never thought to play for such a long time: "In 2005, I thought in 2017 I'd be fishing on my boat in Mallorca.

I didn't really think I'd have such a long career and win so many tournaments. This event has been very special to me, and it's true that it is unprecedented. Trust me, I'm very happy that I'm the one who did it.

If I can do it, someone else can do it. But you need the right circumstances, the right ingredients to win 10 French Open titles. I don't know if I will ever get to meet the player who will do better than I did.' About his chances at Wimbledon, Nadal said: 'It has been a while since I don't play very good at Wimbledon.

It's true that after 2012 what happened with my knees have been tougher and tougher to compete on grass for me. That's the reality. Let's see if I'm playing well since the beginning of the season. I love grass, everybody knows, and it's a surface that I really enjoyed a lot playing there.

And I miss play with Wimbledon again. So I hope that my knees hold well and I can have the preparation that I really need and the preparation that I wanted. So if that happens, why not? If I have pain on the knees, then I know from experience that it's almost impossible.

Because I need to feel strong, low, and powerful legs to play well in Wimbledon. If I don't feel that, then probably my chances are not there. But if I am healthy and I am able to have the right preparation and feel healthy during the Wimbledon, then probably gonna have my chances to play well.' ALSO READ: Andy Roddick and the funny tweet about Nadal's dominance on clay