Here is how Rafael Nadal can be World No. 1 again after Wimbledon

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Here is how Rafael Nadal can be World No. 1 again after Wimbledon

Rafael Nadal has real chances to become world no. 1 again. The Spaniard, who earned 6,915 points this year and has already qualified for the ATP Finals in London, is back in the top-2 of ATP Rankings for the first time since October 2014, but he can raise even more as he won't have to defend any point in the grass-court season.

Instead the world no. 1 Andy Murray will have to defend 2,500 points (500 at the Queen's, 2,000 in Wimbledon). The current ranking standings on Monday 19 June is here below: 1 Murray 9,390 2 Nadal 7,285 There is a 2,105 point difference, which is not so much.

Murray will play Queen's event this week while Nadal will come back to compete in Wimbledon. If Andy successfully defends the title in the ATP 500 tournament, he would have 2,605 points more, but in Wimbledon Murray will try to defend 2,000 points, while last year Nadal did not play there.

Then in the third Grand Slam event of the season if Murray loses in the quarter-finals, Nadal would need to reach the final to become No. 1. If Murray reaches the semifinals, Nadal would need to win the title. Of course if Andy loses very early, he will be overcomed by Nadal.

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