Tommy Robredo: 'Nadal is light-years away from Djokovic'

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Tommy Robredo: 'Nadal is light-years away from Djokovic'

According to Tommy Robredo, the 'Fab Four' concept is not right in the tennis history. The Spaniard, a former top-ten player, reduces the concept to two players. 'I would not say four but two because for me Nadal and Federer are at another level, in another dimension,' Robredo told Mundo Deportivo.

'Rafa won Roland Garros, Monte Carlo and Barcelona ten times: it's easy to say it, but if you think about it, it's something unbelievable.' So he spoke also about Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic: 'Despite Murray being no.

1 and a phenomenon, Nadal is an icon for what he did, for the fact that he has been playing for a long time, his Grand Slam titles, Masters 1000, autographs he has signed. They are things that if compared to Djokovic, who was no.

1 too, are light-years away. I maybe wrong. And then Federer, the person who most sells in the world after not playing for six months.' ALSO READ: Eugenie Bouchard: 'Nadal is not human, that's unbelievable!'