Angry Toni Nadal: 'Wimbledon is like a small event, they help other players

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Angry Toni Nadal: 'Wimbledon is like a small event, they help other players
Angry Toni Nadal: 'Wimbledon is like a small event, they help other players

Criticism around the scheduling at Wimbledon keeps going. It's not only about the differences in scheduling for men and women, but also about how some players are more "privileged" than others. Rafael Nadal wasn't happy to play two matches in four on Court 1, while Roger Federer and Andy Murray always played on Centre Court.

A very honest Toni Nadal spoke about it: 'Wimbledon wants to be the best tournament in the world, but sometimes they do things like a small event, helping other players,' the world no. 2's uncle and coach told Radio Cope - At Roland Garros for example, Nadal is almost always the favourite, but he doesn't play always on Centre Court.

But that's not an excuse and it's not the right moment to speak about it.' Then he analyzed the five set loss to Gilles Muller: 'I think the problem was in the first two sets where Muller played much better and Rafa never managed to return, and he was always down in the score.

This loss is a pity, because Rafa knew he had chances to win also because of players who were on our side. He was playing well, but it wasn't our best day. Every loss is painful but when you lose 15-13 in the fifth at a tournament of this magnitude of course it’s painful.

It’s not the same obviously to lose in the fourth round compared to losing in a final but it still hurts. Because it’s a fourth round match, he won’t think about it too much. Now it’s normal to think about it because he thinks he could win this point, or if the line judge didn’t make this mistake maybe he can win, but it’s not the same as losing in the final in Australia.' Of course he was always willing to fight, which didn't surprise Toni: 'When Rafa was little, I always told him that in order to get to the best level in sports you have to be competitive.

Everyone knows Spaniard players play better on clay and so that's why we had an extra motivation. He played five finals and won two, definitely great numbers. We missed the opportunity to do something great this year. I hope, but I don’t know.

But I think if Rafael played like this year, he can have the possibility to win Wimbledon again.' With this loss Rafael cannot be world no. 1 after Wimbledon. 'The no. 1 doesn't worry me,' he added. 'We have to think about this loss and what we have to improve.

By next days or weeks we will reflect about it.' The 31-year-old Mallorcan native will come back to compete on Wednesday 9th August at Montreal. 'I think we can do good things, but Djokovic, Murray and Federer will always be there,' said Toni about Rafa's chances in the North American hard-court swing.

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