Rafael Nadal: 'I got injured more than Federer, Murray, Djokovic'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I got injured more than Federer, Murray, Djokovic'

Rafael Nadal beat Richard Gasquet for the 15th time on 15 matches played. The Spaniard player prevailed by 6-3 6-4 in Cincinnati to advance into the third round. 'Always important to win the first match, especially after what happened last week, losing the match that way', the Mallorcan said in press conference. 'So just happy for the way that I played, and of course for the victory, no? So let's see.

Tomorrow another tough match against, you know, against Albert [Ramos]. I know him very well. He know me very well. Going to be a tough one. I hope to be ready to play well.' Knowing that you're going to be returning to No.

1 in the world no matter what happens, how is that affecting your outlook here and at the US Open, as well? 'My goal, I always say the same, is important thing for me because to come back to that number after all the things that happened to me since the last time that I have been in that position is something very important and very difficult, no? I worked a lot to give me another chance, and here I am.

Just to be back to that position is something that makes me happy, and of course is going to be an emotional moment for me. But that doesn't change my goals. My goal is try to play a good tournament here, and of course then we gonna think about the US Open.

But now it's Cincinnati.' Nadal is the only top 10 player left in the draw. Apart Alexander Zverev, all the other ones withdrew due to injuries. Why did it happen? 'The season didn't change for the last 20 years probably, so we cannot think about that now.

You know, is something that happens because we are not 20 years old anymore, no? We are over 30, most of us. So is something that can happen. This year happened couple of times, but I tell you one thing, no, I have been in that position more than all these players that are out now.

So that's part of the sport. I know how tough it is. I am very sorry for all of them, and I wish all of them a fast and good recovery. But at the same time I tell you, no, Roger didn't have a lot of things during his career.

Novak, the same. Andy, the same. Stan, I don't think he had a lot of issues, too. I am the only one of these top players that I miss a lot of important tournaments in my career. More than nobody else. I know how tough it is. But the only thing that you can do when these kind of things happen is accept and keep going.'