Rafael Nadal: 'I don't see Spain without Catalonia'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I don't see Spain without Catalonia'

Rafael Nadal didn't back down when, less than 24 hours after winning US Open title, he was asked what he thought about the referendum in Spain to decide the Catalan independence. The Spanish Government and the country's constitutional court have said it's an illegal move by Catalonia, and Nadal thinks the same thing as well.

'I think what is happening on October 1 ought not to take place because, from my point of view, everyone should respect the law,' the 16-time Grand Slam champion told Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

'The laws are what they are and one can’t skip the laws because you want to skip them. I can’t run a red light because that traffic light doesn’t seem right to me. 'I feel very close to the Catalans and I feel very Spanish as well,' added Nadal, who is bilingual in Spanish and Catalan. 'I don’t understand Spain without Catalonia.

I don’t want to understand or see it. I believe that together we ought to be able to understand each other and I think we have to make an effort to reach an understanding because I think we are, without any doubt, stronger together than separated.

Spain is better with Catalonia and Catalonia is better with Spain from my point of view.' ALSO READ: Wilander: 'Nadal is hungrier than Federer, he can catch his Slam titles' .