Nadal: 'In 2005 I never thought that in 2017 I would be playing tennis'

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Nadal: 'In 2005 I never thought that in 2017 I would be playing tennis'

Rafael Nadal knew the beginning of the Beijing final against Nick Kyrgios was very important, and today it was really crucial as the Australian argued with umpire and got frustrated early. 'Very long games at the beginning', the Spaniard said in press conference. 'Yeah, good level of tennis.

I think 30 minutes and we were only 2-1. Very intense everything. Very similar level at the beginning. Well, I think I holded well during the whole match. I played, in my opinion, a great level of tennis tonight. Of course, I think one of the best matches of the year.

Yeah, always very tough opponent to play against. But today I think my serve worked well, and I was returning a lot of balls, putting a lot of balls inside, then taking the advantage from the baseline a little bit more often than him.

I was a little bit more aggressive, and that was the key. I was playing very high intensity the whole match, changing the directions and not making many mistakes.' You haven't won the Shanghai Masters yet. Do you have any expectation for the coming matches? How will you adjust in this kind of tight schedule? 'Today is the day to talk about Beijing.

Is an important title for me. Is a title that last year that I had the trophy with me was in 2005. In 2005 when I won here I never thought that in 2017 I would still be playing tennis. Shanghai is a couple days for me. Hopefully I going to start Wednesday.

I hope to be ready for it. I know every tournament is important now. Shanghai is a tournament that I didn't win. I have been there couple of times, semifinals and final. Let's see. This year I am playing well. I played very well during the whole event here, so let's see if I am able to hold that high level there in Shanghai.

If that happens, I hope to have my chances.' Was it hard to stay focused when your opponent was really agitated throughout the match? 'No. I do my way, that's the real thing. I am 31 already. I spend a lot of hours on competition during my career.

No, no, was not difficult. But, of course, some moments was little bit strange for me, something little bit unusual. But, no, I was very focus. I have lot of respect for Nick. He's one of the players with more talent on the tour.

Of course, when he's playing well, when he really wants to play, without a doubt is one of the toughest opponent to play against. He's having a good run here during the whole week, so for me was a big test. Very happy the way that I managed.' What do you think Nick is going to achieve in the future? 'Well, I cannot predict that.

The feeling is if he really wants to play and wants to work, is one of the players that have more talent to achieve a lot of things in this sport, no? He has everything. He has an unbelievable good eyes. When you play against him, looks that he has time for everything.

That's very difficult. Then, of course, he has great hands and a fantastic serve. He has everything to fight for almost all the events of the year. So let's see what can happen in the future. But of course will be a candidate for everything.' ALSO READ: Dimitrov: 'If you don't convert so many chances vs Nadal, you pay for it'