Rafael Nadal and the winning diet: 'I am more focused on my weight'

Tennis - The Spaniard player is as professional as possible as time goes on

by Luigi Gatto
Rafael Nadal and the winning diet: 'I am more focused on my weight'

'I played at a very high level of tennis. Was a great match again. I don't know what he said, if he already talked or what he gonna say later, I don't know, but in my opinion, he played well, too. Was a great, good quality of tennis this afternoon.

I am very satisfied with everything, no? Is true that I had that mistakes with my serve in the second. That's the only thing. For the rest, I am happy. Having two fantastic weeks, winning in Beijing and now being in the final here in Shanghai again, winning matches against very tough opponents, that's great news, no? Very happy for everything.

Remain one more match, and I hope to be ready for it.' What about the opponents you could face in the final? 'We'll see now. We will see what's going on now in that semifinals. Any opponent in the final will be very, very tough.

They are playing well, playing on a surface that probably both of them likes the kind of surface here. So gonna be a tough one. I need to play at my highest level. I hope to be ready to play that high level. I am playing well for already a while, so that helps.

Hope to be ready for the match tomorrow.' Matches like today, what do they do for your confidence? Is it better to have a tough match in a tournament or is it better to just go through easily? 'The best thing is go through.

The way doesn't matter (smiling). Important thing is play well, and you don't gonna go very far winning very easy. That's not happens. We are at the highest level of our sport, so nobody wins easy. And if you want to compete in the most important events of the year and try to go for the victories, for sure you gonna have tough matches, and today was one of them.' You have met Roger for 37 times.

You are very familiar with him. Will you try to change something or make something different in the next time? 'I have my game. I probably don't gonna go serve and volley (smiling). I gonna do my thing. I know what I have to do. I know is very difficult, and especially in this kind of surface.

But the most important thing for me is play at my highest level. If that happens, I hope to have my chances. If that don't happen, the chances will be much less. But I am playing well, and I am focused on try to make that happen.'. In an interview to Marca done these days, Nadal spoke about two importante topics: diet and retirement.

Carlos Moya recently said that one of the reasons why you didn't get injured, was that he lost weight. How much? 'I didn't lose much weight but it's true, I am more focused on the weight, when you take a routine it's easy to keep it.

The problem in tennis is that when you travel a lot you lose routine, and when it happens it's tougher to have it again. You know, I didn't get injured because things went well. I think we took rest between tournaments in a right way but I have been more focused about my dier for a while.

However, i really struggle to have a perfect diet because being totally strict makes me a little bit sad. I also need to take my time to do things my way.' Were you closer to the retirement two years ago when you got injured or now that you are healthy and are successful? 'No, my retirement is closer now than before.

I am two years older, that's the Truth. I never said I felt closer to the retirement. But if you didn't feel you are close to retire, it's not that you aren't. You never know what can happen. This year I didn't think to be at such a high level, but in sports things can change quickly and we will see what future brings.' ALSO READ: Sergi Bruguera: 'Rafael Nadal will give his best to play Davis Cup'

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