Dr. Cotorro: 'Rafael Nadal will undergo a precautionary treatment'

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Dr. Cotorro: 'Rafael Nadal will undergo a precautionary treatment'

In an interview to Tablero Deportivo on RTVE, Rafael Nadal's doctor Angel Ruiz Cotorro commented on Nadal's withdrawal from the ATP World Tour Finals on Monday. 'That's sport. You come to the end of the year with issues and the tournament becomes even harder and more complicated.

The best thing Rafa can ever do is to take a rest, go home, congratulate himself for the season he has had and recover in order to re-start in 2018,' Dr. Cotorro said. When commented that Nadal had seemed fine during his practice sessions at the O2, Dr.

Cotorro said, 'It's not the same thing to train and then compete. There was a good evolution, but then things need to be seen in competition. We will take other tests to choose the right course [of treatment] and he will undergo a precautionary treatment.' What this injury caused because of Nadal's schedule? 'It's the year where he played fewer tournaments.

18 including London. Others played more. Considering the amazing season he had, schedule was correct.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'I get Nadal's point, but it's not the time to play on clay' .