Dimitrov says Rafa Nadal told him to 'forget' about loss at Australian Open

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Dimitrov says Rafa Nadal told him to 'forget' about loss at Australian Open

In an interview to Sport 360, Grigor Dimitrov spoke about his special relationship with Rafael Nadal, with whom he trained with in July in Mallorca. 'We even spoke a little bit about that match (at the Australian Open), it hurt me a little bit but he’s like "Oh come on, forget about it", but how can I forget about that? It’s unforgettable,' Dimitrov revealed. 'But I’m an easy-going person, so for me I don’t have any bad thoughts or anything. Whatever we’re doing off the court, yes for sure it’s great, and I have no problem to share that. Obviously when you get on the court — it’s our competitive nature. We ultimately, I don’t want to say hate each other, but we want to win. So I think that’s special and you don’t see that very often and I’m the type of person who is very easy-going with these things.'

Dimitrov played a perfect match on Wednesday at the ATP Finals, defeating David Goffin 6-0, 6-2 to reach the semifinals. Asked in press conference if he played his best match since Australia, Dimitrov replied: 'It could be. I've played I think a little bit over 50 matches right now, 40 something. I think I need to sit down and think about it, but right now, from the top of my head, this is definitely the one that sticks out in terms of consistency, focus, striking the ball, movement, agility, everything that I can possibly think. Yes, it happens. Again, I work for those moments, too. They don't just come. They don't just come to you. Again, when you recognize that, you might as well make the most out of it. This really helps I think. Especially in this tournament, I mean, each set, each game, each point matters and counts. Yeah, once you're into the game, once you're into the match, you don't think about anything but how you can play better. I don't know, maybe also David had some health problems or something. Yeah, on my side, it was definitely a good day in the office.'

Speaking about the comparisons that had been made between Federer and him, he said, 'Well, I think the comparisons and all this, they don't really matter any more. As I said before, I'm saying it now, I'm really looking after my game and what I'm doing right. Yeah, I think one of the wrong things you can do is to try to follow somebody else or try to, as I said, follow in the footsteps, the things that they have done.'

Speaking about his season, Dimitrov added: 'Well, Dani Vallverdu deserves a lot of credit. He came into the team at a very crucial moment a couple of years ago. I mean, everybody that has been in my team deserves a lot of credit. Without that, I wouldn't be the same guy. Again, it also comes down to the whole team, of course, Dani, my family, closest friends. This is the base of everything. For me, this is such an important part. If I'm all good with that, in a way nothing else matters. It doesn't matter if I'm going to play on a center court or on Court 18 if I have all that sorted out. Like this, you all have the same goal together. You strive to be better. I think automatically you build up such a bond that just things starting to come together. Yes, of course I've worked a lot on and off the court. I felt I've been pretty consistent, playing well. Yeah, I think just a little bit of everything. I think every small success we're trying to build on and build on. That's why you're here on that stage right now, because this is what you deserve. Also you get what you put in.'

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