Rafael Nadal Talks About Differences Between Tennis and Golf

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Rafael Nadal Talks About Differences Between Tennis and Golf

Tennis - Spaniard Rafael Nadal is an avid golf fan and plays the game regularly when he is not competing on the ATP circuit. So, it is definitely interesting to hear his thoughts on the comparisons between the two games.

In an interview to Marca, Nadal says tennis is harder because except for one player, everyone ends up losing whereas in golf, finishing in the top 5 or top 10 would reflect a good performance. "Tennis has things that are harder and others that less.In tennis there is a very negative thing and it becomes more complicated mentally: every day you go out to play and every day you can lose, in golf you do not lose, you keep playing and you have four days to be there, then you finish the fifth and you have a good tournament, you finish fourth and well ...

In tennis you always finish losing: you lose the final, you lose in semis, in quarters, the word lose makes it especially hard. Then it is true that at the concentration level in golf you can not deconcentrate, although you also have more time to prepare the blow." Nadal also wished Tiger Woods the best for his recovery and comeback to the sport.

“If he is able to train what he wants to train, he will compete again. I do not know how far because nobody can know, it remains to be seen. [But I hope he can] compete week after week, fight for important things.” Also Read - Rafael Nadal Says He Would Like to Have Faced Bjorn Borg .