Top players to play in Margaret Court Arena, despite calls for its boycott

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Top players to play in Margaret Court Arena, despite calls for its boycott

Billie Jean King had said earlier that she wouldn't want to play on the Margaret Court Arena because of the inflammatory statements made by the Australian towards homosexual people. However, the players playing the Australian Open this year don't agree with the American's line of thought and have reiterated that they wouldn't mind playing in the stadium. 

'I am here to play tennis. I am not here for things that really doesn't have a big impact on the game,' Rafael Nadal said. 'I love the Margaret Court Arena. If the Australian Open decides to hold the name or decides to change the name, is not my decision. I am really just here to play in the Australian Open.'

Sloane Stephens was asked about whether renaming the stadium: 'It's up to the tournament. It's not up to me. I respect all of my fellow players, colleagues, their lifestyles. I don't think there should be hate towards anyone. That's that.'

Grigor Dimitrov said: 'I think there's no room for discrimination in our sport. I'm always appreciative of any court they put me to play on. Simple as that. Anything else, I mean, honestly I don't know what else to tell you on that. I think there's no room for that. I'm very excited to play on Court 15 or Hisense, or whatever. I've been there, done that. Any court I play, I'm taking it as almost an honor right now.'

Johanna Konta: 'In terms of scheduling, I will play wherever I'm scheduled. That's out of my control. I will look to be prepared for whatever court I'm playing on. But respect to the controversy that's surrounding that, I don't agree with what Margaret Court said. However, she's entitled to her own opinion. But, again, in terms of playing, if I'm scheduled to play on Margaret Court, I will go out there and compete. Again, it's a tournament decision where they put me.'

Stan Wawrinka: 'The comments she made was wrong, for sure. But as a player, you don't decide which court you're going to play. It's not really an option to say, I don't want to play on one court, because you cannot decide. It's not something that, honestly, is really important right now for me, which court I'm going to play. I have other thing in my mind.'

All quotes are from pre-tournament's press conferences.

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