Andrey Kuznetsov says Rafa Nadal is the 'kindest' player on the Tour

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Andrey Kuznetsov says Rafa Nadal is the 'kindest' player on the Tour

In a recent interview to Eurosport, Russian Andrey Kuznetsov revealed some interesting details about the ATP Tour.

Who is the kindest player? '(Rafael) Nadal,' the 26-year-old said. 'After we played some matches, we have become acquainted. Some of them [the players] are arrogant. Once I met (Nick) Kyrgios, who looked down [at me] and didn't say hello. Then we played each other and things changed. Now he always says hello. But, there aren't a lot of rude players. Probably there are too many people in the tournaments. You always see same faces every day and you don't always remember if you said hello.'

Tournament director Paul Kilderry said that Hopman Cup always has some gifts for the 16 players in the field. 'Doha is more known for this. Every year, they hand us Apple products. Once the iPad, in the last two years iPhone 6S and 7. So I didn't buy a mobile phone for a lot of time. We also stay at a beautiful hotel, Four Seasons. You pay $600 a night, but during the tournament it's free. Same thing for St. Petersburg the last three years.'

He also praised Roger Federer: 'I had just broken into the top-100 when, at the one of tournaments, I saw Federer in a locker room. He came to me to say hello.'

He also spoke about the Wimbledon junior title he won in 2009. It was almost like another tournament for him. 'It's nice when people mention it, but even winning a small ATP tournament would be more important,' said Kuznetsov, who didn't even attend the Champions Ball because he had an airplane flight to take and couldn't buy another ticket.

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