Rafael Nadal's injury revealed. Here is how long he will rest...

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Rafael Nadal's injury revealed. Here is how long he will rest...

Less than 24 hours after retiring against Marin Cilic during the fifth set at the Australian Open, Rafael Nadal went through an MRI to figure out the exact nature of his right leg injury. Nadal is dealing with a grade 1 lesion on the Iliopsoas, that is a blending of two muscles (the iliacus and psoas major) that runs from the lumbar portion of the vertebral column to the femur.

'The MRI showed a grade 1 injury of his Illiopsoas on his right leg', his management team said in a statement. 'He will be resting the next days once back in Spain and will start with anti-inflammatory physiotherapy.

He will start his rehabilitation and preadaptation process to the tennis court in two weeks, starting progressively his training and practice.' Within three weeks starting from Thursday, he should fully recover. 'At the moment my calendar doesn't change: I will play in Acapulco, Indian Wells and Miami', Nadal said in a statement on Facebook.

Last year in the Mexican event he reached the final losing to Sam Querrey. If Roger Federer wins the Australian Open title, the Swiss will have just 155 points less than Nadal, who would go down to No. 2 if he withdraws from Mexican Open.

'These muscle injuries are obviously getting worse', Nadal's doctor Angel Ruiz Cotorro told Spanish newspaper El Confidencial. 'His first instinct was to want to continue. It was tested at the beginning, when he began to feel pain and he was already aware that it was not possible (to continue).

He stopped, but he did not want to stop. We all know how it is. Fortunately, he quit at the right time, which is what he had to do because he had no chance of finishing.'

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