92-year-old woman writes emotional letter to Rafael Nadal

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92-year-old woman writes emotional letter to Rafael Nadal

A letter written by a 92-year-old woman to Rafael Nadal got viral for its emotional text and also because the world No. 1 shared it on his Twitter account. It was the old woman's nephew to post it. 'Dear Rafa, in December I wrote you another letter and sent it to the Baleares academy, but they may not have received it.

I am a woman of 92 age, almost 93, in April, and I am a great fan of your since you started playing tennis. I watch all your games and if it's at midnight, I set the alarm. I feel a lot for what happened in Australia and I wish that everything goes well.

Now you will be in Acapulco late this month, I would have loved to go there, but it's difficult for me to travel. My husband, that died, played tennis a lot I think that's why I liked it. I would really love that you reply.' Nadal replied: 'Dear Debora, please, thank your great-grandmother from me for this emotional letter and her content that reaches the heart.

All the letters and supports message that I have received from all of you mean a lot to me. Many thanks.'

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