Rafael Nadal: 'I won't fight to be No. 1 again. Federer did better than me'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I won't fight to be No. 1 again. Federer did better than me'

Rafael Nadal is already in Mexico. The Spaniard reached Cozumel, where he will spend a few days off between tennis and sea, and then on Thursday, he will go to Acapulco to prepare for the ATP event. On Saturday in Mallorca, Nadal commented on Roger Federer being the world No.

1 again. The Swiss just overcame the 31-year-old in the rankings. 'He didn't need to return to #1 to show who he is in tennis', Nadal said about his rival. 'What he's achieved is very difficult and you can only congratulate him.

Rankings don't lie, he did a little bit better than me in the last 12 months.' At this point in his career, rankings are not his priority anymore: 'I've been in the top 2 for many years. Being #1,#3,#5 doesn't make much difference.

What makes me happy is feeling competitive and able to win tournaments. I won't fight to be back at #1. I'll fight to have my best possible season. If that means later in the season I have a chance to be back at it, OK.

I only fight to be happy & competitive in every tournament I play. That's my goal. We'll see where I'm at the end of season.' 'I started the season at a good level', he added. 'The injury in Australia was an accident.

I'm heading to the swing of Acapulco, Indian Wells and Miami with a high motivation and then comes the clay. The period from Acapulco to Roland Garros is a very important part of the season for me.'