Revealed: Rafael Nadal's outfit in the clay season

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Revealed: Rafael Nadal's outfit in the clay season

Rafael Nadal's comeback to the competition gets closer and closer. The world No. 2 may compete in the Davis Cup quarter-finals tie between Spain and Germany in Valencia from 6 to 8 April. What's sure is that he will play his first ATP event since January in Monte Carlo, that starts on April 15.

It will be there that he will "open" his clay-courts season outfit: a yellow t-shirt with the Nike symbol grey-coloured, blu shorts and grey-golden shoes in his attempt to win his 11th title at the Rolex Masters and then Barcelona as well.

He will also seek his sixth title in Madrid, his eighth in Rome, where has not been triumphing since five years: his last success came in 2013.

As every year there will be a new outfit at the Roland Garros: he will seek his 11th title there as well since 2005.

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