Toni Nadal: 'I'd like Rafael to hit like Roger Federer'

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Toni Nadal: 'I'd like Rafael to hit like Roger Federer'

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have different playing styles. Commenting on this, Toni Nadal, the world no. 1's uncle and former coach, said that he doesn't like Nadal's shots. 'I always liked the shots hit normally, the classic style', Toni told La Vanguardia.

'Rafael started to hit like this as a kid. He needed to do it to beat his rivals, who were older and higher. He was 12 years old and was playing against 15-year-olds. (This game) helped him to win titles. But I never defended it.

I like the classic style. If I could choose, I would prefer Rafael to hit like Federer.' What would he do if Novak Djokovic approached him to coach him 'It won't happen,' Toni said. 'But it's difficult to tell no to Djokovic.

He is a number one. If he is an educated person and would not compete with my nephew, I would be delighted to follow him in a tournament. The thing is that the world has changed.' Toni further explained: 'It's complicated to work correctly with younger people.

Before we were living in a society where you respected the older people. Now, I am not at an age where I can be behind a kid who behaves badly. Anyway, coaching Djokovic would be like coaching Barça or Madrid.' Toni also spoke about Nadal's recent successes on clay: 'It surprises me a little that he has won Monte Carlo so many times.

I remember players like (Bjorn) Borg, who dominated on clay like Rafa and won three Monte Carlos and six Roland Garros. For this he surprises me, even Rafa is surprised'. Asked who can beat his nephew, Toni replied: 'You always have players who can beat you, but in Monte Carlo he played at a very high level without giving chances to players like (Dominic) Thiem or (Grigor) Dimitrov.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: '11 titles? I don't know how these things can happen'