Rafael Nadal reveals what really made him beat Alexander Zverev

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Rafael Nadal reveals what really made him beat Alexander Zverev

The Rafael Nadal's press conference after the Rome Open final starts speaking about the rain delay happened when Alexander Zverev was leading 3-2 and serve in the third set. After that, the Spaniard won all the four remaining games.

Was it a coincidence? Rafa has mixed feelings: 'I didn't feel in that moment that it would help me', he admitted. 'That's my feelings. It's true that, if we analyze now, of course, we can say that the rain delay helps, helped me.

But really, in my opinion, what helped me is that I came back with a clear idea in terms of tactical issues and in terms of decisions that I take after that break. And after that, yeah, the break for the rain. And, of course, a little bit of luck that I had the break back immediately.

That was a big help. And I think I played with the right determination and strategy later.' Then he analyzed the match overall: 'What happened is I played one of the best sets that I played on clay this year.

First set was fantastic. Then in the second, couple of things happened. First thing, in the first game of the second set. I had a chance to have a break. Because on 30-30 I hit a great return and he made a drop shot from nowhere, being honest.

A drop shot that probably doesn't exist. But, he made it. And he made it great. And then he breaks me, and then the things went quick. The beginning was hot, fast conditions, bounces higher. So, that helps a little bit more my game.

And I was feeling great. And then the beginning of the second, it started to be much more cloudy, the court became slower, and probably he started feeling better the ball. And I stopped doing the things that I needed to do.

And lucky that I started to do it again. Not too late.' Do you feel you needed that win to arrive in Paris in the best possible way? Or what happened today, are you ready to go? 'Ball is different in Paris, court is different.

Conditions are completely different. I don't believe that what happened, even if I lost/even with the victory, creates a big impact about what can happen in Paris. But, winning always is winning. And, of course, the victories helps more than the losses.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer enjoys relaxing holidays in Ibiza!