Alexander Zverev: 'I was not far away from beating Rafael Nadal on clay'

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Alexander Zverev: 'I was not far away from beating Rafael Nadal on clay'

Alexander Zverev admitted that the rain wasn't his friend today. The German was leading 3-2 and serve in the third set, then the match was interrupted and he didn't win a game anymore.

'But, it happens', he said about the rain. 'There's nothing I can do about it. Next time, I have to find a way to come out better after the rain and play better tennis. He came out way faster and played much more aggressive than I did.

And the fatigue I had over the last few weeks, because of the break, it took me very long time to get activated again and to get going. Obviously, it wasn't enough time.' Why do you think you were able to change things around in the second set and get pretty clear control of this match for the middle part of it? 'Had a lot of winners, to start with.

But I kind of found the way, kind of, you know, felt like I had control over most of the points. That is very important against him on clay. But most of the people, most of the time, you won't be able to do that. I felt like I found a way in the second and middle of the third set.

And then, the rain delay didn't help me, definitely.' Zverev ended his semifinals match against Marin Cilic at 10:45 PM on Saturday. Was it a factor? 'It would have helped me physically to get a little bit more time.

But my average going to bed here was about 3:30 a.m. So, yesterday was early for me.' In Rome Zverev overcame a lot of close matches, against Kyle Edmund and Marin Cilic or David Goffin. 'I think this week is the most satisfying', he recognized.

'Because even when I was tired, I still found a way against great players. And this is not easy to do. This is one of the biggest tournaments that we have in the world. So, you know, finding a way to get to the finals after, you know, two tournaments that I won is something amazing for me, I think.

I was not far away from beating Rafa on a clay court in a Masters final. So I guess I can take that into Paris.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal reveals what really made him beat Alexander Zverev