Rafael Nadal: 'I respect every opponent, that's why I have success'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I respect every opponent, that's why I have success'

Rafael Nadal is the latest example of humility, and he often proved it during his career not only with words but especially on court. How do you make sure that you doen't become complacent being always competitive even when everyone expects you to win? 'Not gonna happen, and there is a proof that that's never happened, that I won 10 times here, 11 Monte-Carlo, 11 Barcelona, 8 Romes', Nadal said.

'If you get complacent or too confident with yourself, for sure that not gonna happy. I was able to do all this result because I respect the sport, I respect every opponent, and I respect the competition every day. That's the reason (why) I have success, is because I go every day on court knowing that I can win, that I can lose, and that's the sport.

So anything can happen.' Analyzing his straight sets win over Simone Bolelli - a match where Nadal saved four set points during the third set - said: 'Sometimes you overcome complicated situations. This set was a very complicated set, and it's true that I maybe could have concluded earlier.

I had quite a few options. But he was a very aggressive player, and he was playing really very strong. I didn't know that he was going to play so aggressively. I understood that I really had to attack, and I had to have the proper mindset, be positive, and accept how things were unfolding, and he was playing very well.

There were few transition shots where I could manage to pick up my pace. But I managed to do it, and that was the important thing today. There was a very good dynamic on all the clay circuit, and I hope I will improve and play better and better every day.

Because so far the performance has been good, and I hope I will maintain the stamina here. Today I suffered a bit, but it's behind me, and I'm really happy.' Commenting on French Open getting a new roof in 2020, Nadal said: 'I think that this is a necessary change, because in all Grand Slam tournaments, there are indoor courts, so I think that Roland Garros, that I congratulate for this initiative, is right.

It will make the tournament even more spectacular, and this indoor court is going to be very beautiful. There is a new part that was inaugurated that is very beautiful, as well, and I think that these are really very exciting news for our sport.

I think that the clubs have to invest in the tournaments for the sport to become greater and greater, so this is a very good piece of news. As for rain, it's part of our daily life. When you're playing outdoors you're obviously dependent on the weather, so you have to be prepared.

And sometimes you get luckier than others, so you have to be prepared to accept all the weather conditions, and you have to make sure that these adverse conditions you can adjust to.' ALSO READ: Nadal and Federer won't allow a devasting takeover happen - Ferrero