A tennis legend strongly criticizes Dominic Thiem

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A tennis legend strongly criticizes Dominic Thiem

Ken Rosewall was the man chosen to grant Rafael Nadal the French Open men's singles trophy. During the final ceremony on Philippe Chatrier, the Australian legend Ken Rosewall hardly criticized Dominic Thiem's performance.

‘I’m very pleased I’m not playing today. The players of today in the tour are exceptional athletes and tennis players. No words can express what we think about Rafa’s game and what he has done for the game of tennis on a worldwide basis.

We’ll see many young players coming on very soon. The match today. I think, like everybody, we would have liked to see a few more sets. That’s what happens in tennis. Rafa was just a little bit too good and Dominic was a little bit disappointed in his own game today', Rosewall admitted.

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