Rafael Nadal speaks about criticism on his 'boring' game

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Rafael Nadal speaks about criticism on his 'boring' game

Rafael Nadal received criticism about his game after he called for elections in his country because of the political problems currently happening there. 'I didn't criticize anyone at any moment,' Nadal clarified, as quoted by El Espanol.

'When you say things there are people who like it and people who don't. My quote was very respectful. I didn't ask for elections neither did I say any of this. Simply, so many things happened in Spain that I would like to vote again.

In the end, I am one more citizen that lives and gets worried for his country and what I say goes through the press.' 'I didn't discredit anyone,' Nadal insisted. 'I understand that he doesn't like my tennis, without any doubt.

There isn't any problem with it. If he liked to say, all well. I have never pretended to like everyone. I try to do things in the best possible way, working every day in the best possible way and then trying to give my maximum effort.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer can be world No.

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