Denis Shapovalov: 'The stadium was loud, my ears almost popped'

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Denis Shapovalov: 'The stadium was loud, my ears almost popped'

In an interview to GQ Magazine, Denis Shapovalov recalled his amazing win over Rafael Nadal at last year's Rogers Cup in Montreal, the tournament where everything started for him on the big stage.

Shapovalov had headed into the court with a clear mindset, trying to take advantage of the whole environment in front of his crowd. 'I thought, "Hey, just remember you can be out here with these guys, you can’t win yet, but you can fight, you can push them until the end,"' Shapovalov recalled. 'On match point, I thought, screw it, let me go for the down-the-line and see what happens.

If I make it, I’ll win. If I don’t, I’ll probably lose the match. I blacked out after that. The stadium was so loud. My ears almost popped. It was the loudest thing I’ve ever heard in any sporting event ever.' The 19-year-old also spoke about his game style. 'Growing up, I would always come forward and play aggressive, and my opponents would just lob over me and hit shots past me.

My mom [who is also his coach] was constantly telling me, ‘Don’t worry, one day you’ll grow and you’ll be able to get these balls. Keep coming to the net, keep being aggressive.’ So a lot of my style came from my mom.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer can be world No.

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